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Heinkel's Wieners are 100% Pork - NO Fillers!

Heinkel's Grand Champion Wieners are available in bulk cases!

     ●  Wieners
              Available in: 
              4-1 Jumbo (4 = 1 lb.)
              8-1 Bun Length (8 = 1 lb.)
     ●  Jalapeno & Cheese Wieners
     ●  Hog Casing Wieners


Award Winner Heinkel's Wieners

We don’t want to mince words, but under the circumstances let’s be honest, Heinkel’s doesn’t make hot dogs, Heinkel’s makes wieners! Heinkel’s produces a high-quality wiener using 100% pork and our old family German recipe. Heinkel's wieners are plump and juicy precisely because we don’t use chicken or turkey or other fillers common in the industry to cheapen up the product.  If you are looking for quality, choose Heinkel’s Wieners. 

Heinkels' Jalapeno & Cheese Wieners!

Award Winner Heinkel's Jalapeno and Cheese Wieners (NEW RECIPE)

Third generation Meat Master Denny Heinkel created this recipe circa 2007 to compliment an already superior wiener product. Using real high temp cheddar cheese and jalapenos, Heinkel’s created a wiener too good to be true. Forget the bun and the catsup and the mustard, you won’t need it!


Award Winner Heinkel's Hog Casing Wieners

Staying true to our heritage, Heinkel’s still produces a delectable Hog Casing Frank for the savvy meat consumer who understands the valuable flavor enhancement natural casing brings to an already superior product. 



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